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**   For   Spring   2021   **



April 6, 2021

Covid info

We are excited to be able to play soccer this spring after more than a year off.  Opening Weekend will be April 10/11.  (If you have a credit from last spring please make a note on your registration form.)  Even as we emerge from the pandemic, however, it is important that we work together to ensure everyone's health and safety.  For this season we are requiring you to abide by the following precautions when participating in Takoma Soccer activities (if you have misgivings, you can withdraw and pay no fee):

  • During practice sessions or games, all players, spectators and coaches must wear a mask that covers both nose and mouth at all times except during water breaks.
  • At practices or games all adult observers must keep a physically safe distance from each other unless they are members of the same household.
  • In the event of COVID symptoms or a positive COVID contact or test in your household, you must alert the team coach and all family members must stay away from soccer activities until medically cleared.
  • Attendance at games will be limited to one or two family members per player.  Your coach will inform you what the maximum number is for your team.
  • At the start of each practice or game, an adult member of your family must confirm with your coach or a designated member of the team that your child has a mask and that no one in your household is exhibiting COVID symptoms or has tested positive or has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive.
  • At every game the opposing teams will occupy the sidelines opposite each other to avoid unnecessary contact among spectators.
  • If you retrieve an out-of-bounds ball please kick it back onto the field rather than throw it.
  • Coaches will retain a roster of players who attend each game or practice for contact tracing if needed.
  • You are responsible for bringing snacks or drinks for your own children, but please do not distribute them to other children.
  • Everyone must refrain from shouting or loud cheering.  (As always, unsportsmanlike conduct can lead to removal from the field.)
  • Dogs or other pets will not be permitted on the field.
  • After the soccer activity has ended, everyone must leave the field directly.
  • Coaches will send a regular reminder of these guidelines to team members.
We will post updates to this plan when it becomes available.  You can check this page for updates.

Registration for the 2021 Spring season is closed.   If you need to register, contact your division coordinator.

Registration for the 2021 Spring season will open in January.

The cost for the season is $50, and we ask you to send us a check through the mail.  The address is Takoma Soccer, 16 Jefferson Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20912

A number of divisions are looking for additional coaches and assistant coaches; if you are interested, please volunteer.  With more coaches we can have more teams and give more children the chance to play.

Registration Reminders

Three to four weeks before the start of a season we will send you a reminder email to sign up.  If we do not hear back, we may send you one or two more emails.

If we do not hear back from you, about a week before the season starts, you may receive a phone call from your coach, division coordinator, or one of the parent volunteers who generously volunteer their time to help out with the registration process.