ball Philosophy

The   Philosophy   of   Takoma   Soccer



Statement of Philosophy

Takoma Soccer is a volunteer program whose goal is to provide local kids with a fun, recreational soccer program close to home.  Takoma Soccer strives to teach children the value and fun of teamwork, cooperation, practice and sportsmanship.  To achieve these objectives, all Takoma Soccer coaches, league officials, parents and players will:

  • Emphasize participation rather than winning and recognize that sportsmanship, teamwork, and playing to one's potential are more important than the final score.  All players will get an opportunity to play over half of each game (2/3 for younger divisions) regardless of an individual's skill level (exceptions: if a player is late for the game, violates the code of conduct or receives a red card during a game).
  • Attempt to create equality and balance in the formation and selection of teams.  This commitment to parity is a high priority, one that will occasionally mean adjustments in team rosters.
  • Emphasize safety and enjoyment during each contest.  Soccer games should be fun and fair, and all players should be made to feel welcome and part of the team.
  • Recognize that the referee is the sole authority of the game and that maintaining respect for the referee is of vital importance to the success of Takoma Soccer.
  • Recognize that the coach is the sole authority on each team and that maintaining respect for the coach is of vital importance to the success of Takoma Soccer.
  • Recognize that everyone involved in Takoma Soccer has a responsibility to conduct ourselves properly at all games and practices. 
  • Accept unfortunate turns of events gracefully and without anger.
  • Educate all players so that they understand the rules of soccer and the goals of good sportsmanship.

Code of Conduct

Improper behavior includes:
  • abusive or degrading language or swearing,
  • physical threats and acts of violence,
  • advocating or ignoring poor sportsmanship by players,
  • harassment of any game official (coach or referee) by anyone,
  • disputing or attempting to influence a game official's decision,
  • use of intoxicating substances during a practice or game,
  • use of drugs or tobacco products on or near the field of play,
  • inappropriate physical contact between adults and players, including any form of unwanted affection or touching, and
  • inappropriate or lewd remarks that relate to physique or body development.
Inappropriate behavior by a player may result in a suspension or other disciplinary action.  During a game the referee shall determine the length of a suspension by issuing a yellow card for a temporary in-game sit-out or a red card for a sit-out to include the remainder of the game as well as the next game.  In most other situations coaches will decide on any penalties.  In a case that the commissioners determine is egregious, such as an act of physical violence or a pattern of inappropriate behavior, they will take disciplinary action, including possible expulsion from the league.
Inappropriate behavior by a coach or parent should be referred to the commissioners and may result in penalties, including possible expulsion from the league.

Community Philosophy

We are trying to develop a league that fosters community spirit.  To that end we want children to get to know as many other children as possible, and we want parents to get to know as many other parents as possible.  Therefore our rules encourage the movement of players to new teams as they progress through the league.  By the same token, we make a number of provisions allowing children to play together -- siblings, best friends, neighbors, car-poolers, and so on.