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Takoma Soccer Referees

Takoma Soccer offers referee opportunities for qualified and responsible Middle & High School students - and older.

Teenagers & adults who know the rules of soccer can join our referee corps and receive either a payment or SSL credit.

At the beginning of every Spring and Fall season a referee training session will provide a detailed overview of what is required of candidates intending to become a Takoma Soccer Referee.  All new referees and referees who have only reffed one season must attend the training.  Training dates will be posted on the Takoma Soccer website.

Referees should be at least 4 years older than the teams in the games they ref.

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Age / Grade Recommended Division Refereeing Ability
6 & 7 & 8 Grade Divisions 2 - 4 Beginner
9 & 10 Grade Divisions 5 - 6 Intermediate
11 & 12 Grade Divisions 7 - 9 Advanced
13 - Young Professionals Division 10 Semi-Pro
Adult Volunteers * Any * Varied
  • * Any - Reach out to the division coordinator of your choice to communicate your volunteering intent.  They will gladly instruct you further.
  • * Varied - Entirely contingent on the division in which you intend to volunteer.
  • 13 = College Students
  • Young Professionals = Recent college Graduates