Takoma Soccer Girls-8 Schedule, Spring 2023

All games are on Sundays at Jesup Blair Park

Week Date Time Home v Away
1March 19 1:00Red v Teal*
3:00Yellow v Navy*
2March 26 1:00Teal v Navy*
3:00Red v Yellow*
3April 2 1:00Teal v Yellow*
3:00Red v Navy*
April 9NO Games - Spring Break
4April 16 1:00Yellow v Navy*
3:00Teal v Red*
5April 23 1:00Yellow v Red*
3:00Navy v Teal*
6April 30 1:00Yellow v Teal*
3:00Navy v Red*
7May 7 1:00Teal v Red*
3:00Navy v Yellow*
8May 14 1:00Red v Yellow*
3:00Teal v Navy*
9May 21 1:00Red v Navy*
3:00Yellow v Teal*


  1. The first team listed is the home team and is responsible for the equipment: corner flags, assistant referee flags, game ball, and first aid kit.
  2. A * on the first game means that you are responsible for field set-up.
  3. A * on the last game means that you are responsible for field take-down, and to bring the equipment to the game the following week.
  4. Games are two 40 minutes halves with 10 minute half-time.
  5. Parents: Please help the coaches with the equipment set-up and take-down.
  6. The referee will be assigned to games by the Division Coordinator.
  7. Each team should provide one assistant referee per game to assist the referee.

Game Location:

Rules for Division Girls-8:

Color Coach Practice
Navy Nyere Hollingsworth
Red Glendy Mazariegos
Teal Paul Kleiner and Andrew Partan Wednesday, 5:30-7:00 Jesup Blair Park
Yellow Karl Mattison and Jamie Arbolino Friday, 6:00, Jesup Blair Park