Takoma Soccer Girls-8 Schedule, Spring 2019

All games are on Sundays at Jesup Blair Park

Week Date Time Home v Away
1March 17 12:30Yellow v Green*
2:20Silver v Purple
4:10Red v Gold*
2March 24 12:30Purple v Gold*
2:20Red v Yellow
4:10Green v Silver*
3March 31 12:30Gold v Silver*
2:20Green v Red
4:10Yellow v Purple*
4April 7 12:30Red v Purple*
2:20Green v Gold
4:10Silver v Yellow*
5April 14 12:30Gold v Yellow*
2:20Purple v Green
4:10Silver v Red
April 21NO Games - Easter
6April 28To Be Determined
7May 5To Be Determined
8May 12To Be Determined
9May 19To Be Determined


  1. The first team listed is the home team and is responsible for the equipment: nets, ladder, corner flags, assistant referee flags, game ball, and first aid kit.
  2. A * means that you take all of the equipment after the last game, and to bring the equipment to the first game the following week.
  3. While one team brings and takes the equipment, both teams need to help with set up and take down - it's a group effort.
  4. Games are two 40 minutes halves with 10 minute half-time.
  5. Parents: Please help the coaches with the equipment set-up and take-down.
  6. The referee will be assigned to games by the Division Coordinator.
  7. Each team should provide one assistant referee per game to assist the referee.

Game Location:

Rules for Division Girls-8:

Color Coach Practice
Gold Keith Walcott
Green Paul Kleiner and Andrew Partan Wednesday, 5:30-7:00, Jesup Blair Park
Purple Eric Olson
Red Roxana Salgado
Silver Phil Bender and Karl Mattison Friday, 5:30-6:30, Jesup Blair Park
Yellow Yoseph Tesfaye and Raul Villafane Friday, 5:30-7:00, Sligo Creek Park