Takoma Soccer Girls-6/7 Schedule, Spring 2023

All games are on Sundays at Bullis Local Park, 8501 Houston Street, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (near Bonifant Street and Cedar Street), parking lot entrance is on Cedar St.  And at Nolte Park, 200 Denver Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910; off Dale Drive

Updated April 19, 2023

March 19 Bullis 1:00 pmG-7 YellowG-6,7 Hyattsville
2:30 pmG-6 Coach TomG-6 Yellow
4:00 pmOxon HillG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)
Nolte 1:00 pmG-7 PurpleG-7,8 Kelly Gr.
March 26 Bullis 1:00 pmG-6 YellowG-6,7 Hyattsville
2:30 pmG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)G-7,8 Kelly Gr.
4:00 pmG-6 Coach TomG-7 Purple
Nolte 1:00 pmOxon HillG-7 Yellow
April 2 Bullis 1:00 pmG-7,8 Kelly Gr.G-6 Coach Tom
2:30 pmG-7 YellowG-6 Yellow
4:00 pmG-6,7 HyattsvilleG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)
Nolte 1:00 pmG-7 PurpleOxon Hill
April 9Spring Break
April 16 Bullis 1:00 pmG-6,7 HyattsvilleG-7 Purple
2:30 pmG-7,8 Kelly Gr.G-6 Yellow
4:00 pmG-6 Coach TomOxon Hill
Nolte 1:00 pmG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)G-7 Yellow
April 23 Bullis 1:00 pmG-7 PurpleG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)
2:30 pmG-7,8 Kelly Gr.G-6,7 Hyattsville
4:00 pmG-7 YellowG-6 Coach Tom
ByeG-6 Yellow
April 30 Bullis 1:00 pmG-7 YellowG-7 Purple
2:30 pmG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)G-6 Yellow
4:00 pmG-6 Coach TomG-6,7 Hyattsville
ByeG-7,8 Kelly Gr.
May 7 Bullis 1:00 pmG-7,8 Kelly Gr.G-7 Yellow
2:30 pmG-6 YellowG-7 Purple
4:00 pmG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)G-6 Coach Tom
ByeG-6,7 Hyattsville
May 14 Bullis 1:00 pmG-7 YellowG-6,7 Hyattsville
2:30 pmG-6 Coach TomG-6 Yellow
4:00 pmG-7 PurpleG-7,8 Kelly Gr.
ByeG-6,7 Silver (Rebecca Wood)
May 21Hold date for make up, the schedule will be the same as the game week you miss.