Takoma Soccer Girls-5/6 Schedule, Spring 2022

All games are on Sundays at Pine Crest Elementary School, 201 Woodmoor Dr, Silver Spring, MD 20901

Updated April 6, 2022

1March 20 1:00G-6 YellowOxon Hill
2:30G-5 YellowG-5 Red
4:00G-6 PurpleESYDA
2March 27 1:00G-5 RedESYDA
2:30G-5 YellowOxon Hill
4:00G-6 YellowG-6 Purple
3April 3 1:00G-5 RedG-6 Yellow
2:30G-5 YellowESYDA
4:00G-6 PurpleOxon Hill
4April 10 1:00G-6 YellowESYDA
2:30G-6 PurpleG-5 Yellow
4:00G-5 RedOxon Hill
April 17NO Games - Spring Break
5April 24 1:00G-5 YellowG-6 Yellow
2:30G-5 RedG-6 Purple
4:00ESYDAOxon Hill
6May 1 1:00G-5 YellowG-5 Red
2:30G-6 PurpleESYDA
4:00G-6 YellowOxon Hill
7May 8 1:00G-5 YellowOxon Hill
2:30G-6 YellowG-6 Purple
4:00G-5 RedESYDA
8May 15 1:00G-6 PurpleOxon Hill
2:30G-5 YellowESYDA
4:00G-5 RedG-6 Yellow
9May 22Make up, the schedule will be the
same as the game week we miss