Takoma Soccer Coed-9 Schedule, Spring 2017

All matches are on Saturdays at North Four Corners Local Park, 315 University Blvd West, Silver Spring, MD 20901

March 27 version

WeekDateTimeHome v Away
1March 18 10:00 amGold* v Lime Green
12:00 pmRed v Royal Blue
2:00 pmKelly Green v Orange
4:00 pmSky Blue* v Purple
2March 25 10:00 amKelly Green v Gold*
12:00 pmRed v Purple
2:00 pmOrange v Sky Blue
4:00 pmLime Green* v Kern-Martin
ByeRoyal Blue
3April 1 9:00 amMaroon v Kelly Green*
10:50 amRoyal Blue v Red
12:40 pmSky Blue v Lime Green
2:30 pmGold v Oxon Hill
4:20 pmPurple v Orange*
4April 8 9:00 amKelly Green v Sky Blue*
10:50 amRed v Gold
12:40 pmOxon Hill v Maroon
2:30 pmOrange v Lime Green
4:20 pmPurple v Royal Blue*
5April 15No Matches - Easter Weekend
6April 22 9:00 amMaroon v Red*
10:50 amSky Blue v Oxon Hill
12:40 pmRoyal Blue v Orange
2:30 pmLime Green v Kelly Green
4:20 pmGold* v Purple
7April 29 9:00 amOrange v Kelly Green*
10:50 amRed v Sky Blue
12:40 pmOxon Hill v Lime Green
2:30 pmRoyal Blue v Gold
4:20 pmPurple v Maroon*
8May 6 9:00 amKelly Green v Oxon Hill*
10:50 amLime Green v Red
12:40 pmMaroon v Royal Blue
2:30 pmGold v Orange
4:20 pmSky Blue* v Purple
9May 13 9:00 amRoyal Blue v Sky Blue*
10:50 amRed v Kelly Green
12:40 pmOrange v Oxon Hill
2:30 pmGold v Maroon
4:20 pmPurple v Lime Green*
10May 20 9:00 amLime Green* v Royal Blue
10:50 amOxon Hill v Red
12:40 pmSky Blue v Gold
2:30 pmMaroon v Orange
4:20 pmKelly Green v Purple*


  1. A * on the first game means that you are to bring the equipment from 9209 Whitney St to the field before the first match.
  2. A * on the last game means that you are to take the equipment from the field to 9209 Whitney St after the last match.
  3. Teams with "bring" and "take" duty on consecutive Saturdays can hold onto the field equipment during the week, or leave equipment on the porch.
  4. Field equipment consists of a long black bag with four corner flags and a red athletic "referee's" bag with first-aid kit and lineskeeper flags.
  5. The goals at North Four Corners have fixed nets that are not to be removed!
  6. Regardless of who brings or takes equipment, both teams of the first/last match are expected to pitch in with field setup/takedown.