Takoma Soccer Coed-7/8 Schedule, Spring 2019

All games are on Saturdays at Jesup Blair Park, 900 Jesup Blair Drive, Silver Spring, MD 20910.

Updated March 13, 2019

WeekDateTimeTeam 1vTeam 2
1March 16 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vEric Chavez (Royal Blue)
10:45 amBen Bevington (Black)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I)
12:30 pmBryan Pace (Orange)vKeith Walcott (Gold II)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vBret Grebowsky (Red)
4:00 pmWilbert Reyes (Forest)vAndrew Partan (Teal) (takes nets)
2March 23 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vAndrew Partan (Teal) (brings nets)
10:45 amBret Grebowsky (Red)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I)
12:30 pmBen Bevington (Black)vKeith Walcott (Gold II)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vEric Chavez (Royal Blue)
4:00 pmWilbert Reyes (Forest)vBryan Pace (Orange) (takes nets)
3March 30 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vBryan Pace (Orange) (brings nets)
10:45 amEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vAndrew Partan (Teal)
12:30 pmBret Grebowsky (Red)vKeith Walcott (Gold II)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I)
4:00 pmWilbert Reyes (Forest)vBen Bevington (Black) (takes nets)
4April 6 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vBen Bevington (Black) (brings nets)
10:45 amEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vBryan Pace (Orange)
12:30 pmAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I)vKeith Walcott (Gold II)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vAndrew Partan (Teal)
4:00 pmWilbert Reyes (Forest)vBret Grebowsky (Red) (takes nets)
5April 13 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vBret Grebowsky (Red) (brings nets)
10:45 amEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vBen Bevington (Black)
12:30 pmAndrew Partan (Teal)vBryan Pace (Orange)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vKeith Walcott (Gold II)
4:00 pmWilbert Reyes (Forest)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I) (takes nets)
April 20NO Games - Easter
6April 27 9:00 amBryan Pace (Orange)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I) (brings nets)
10:45 amBen Bevington (Black)vBret Grebowsky (Red)
12:30 pmEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vWilbert Reyes (Forest)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vAlex Minicozzi (Lime)
4:00 pmAndrew Partan (Teal)vKeith Walcott (Gold II) (takes nets)
7May 4 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vKeith Walcott (Gold II) (brings nets)
10:45 amBryan Pace (Orange)vBen Bevington (Black)
12:30 pmAndrew Partan (Teal)vBret Grebowsky (Red)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vWilbert Reyes (Forest)
4:00 pmEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I) (takes nets)
8May 11 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I) (brings nets)
10:45 amEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vBret Grebowsky (Red)
12:30 pmAndrew Partan (Teal)vBen Bevington (Black)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vBryan Pace (Orange)
4:00 pmKeith Walcott (Gold II)vWilbert Reyes (Forest) (takes nets)
9May 18 9:00 amAlex Minicozzi (Lime)vWilbert Reyes (Forest) (brings nets)
10:45 amEric Chavez (Royal Blue)vKeith Walcott (Gold II)
12:30 pmAndrew Partan (Teal)vAbdullo Sayfidinov (Gold I)
2:15 pmD.D. Davis (Purple)vBen Bevington (Black)
4:00 pmBryan Pace (Orange)vBret Grebowsky (Red) (takes nets to Howard's)


  1. Each week one team takes home the nets, etc. and brings them back the next week for the opening game.
  2. Regardless of who brings or takes equipment, both teams of the first/last match are expected to pitch in with field setup/takedown.