Takoma Soccer Coed-4 Schedule, Fall 2021

All games are on Saturdays at North Four Corners Local Park, 315 University Blvd West, Silver Spring, MD 20901

DateTimeHome and Away
September 18 9amRed and Kelly Green
10:30amYellow and Neon
12noonSilver and Forest Green
1:30pmTeal and Maroon
3pmPurple and Royal Blue
September 25 9amKelly Green and Teal
10:30amYellow and Maroon
12noonRed and Neon
1:30pmSilver and Purple
3pmForest Green and Royal Blue
October 2 9amKelly Green and Maroon
10:30amPurple and Red
12noonRoyal Blue and Teal
1:30pmForest Green and Yellow
3pmSilver and Neon
October 9 9amKelly Green and Neon
10:30amRed and Royal Blue
12noonSilver and Maroon
1:30pmTeal and Yellow
3pmForest Green and Purple
October 16 9amKelly Green and Purple
10:30amMaroon and Royal Blue
12noonForest Green and Red
1:30pmSilver and Yellow
3pmTeal and Neon
October 23 9amKelly Green and Yellow
10:30amRed and Purple
12noonMaroon and Neon
1:30pmForest Green and Teal
3pmSilver and Royal Blue
October 30 9amKelly Green and Royal Blue
10:30amYellow and Teal
12noonSilver and Red
1:30pmMaroon and Purple
3pmForest Green and Neon
November 6 9amKelly Green and Red
10:30amYellow and Purple
12noonNeon and Royal Blue
1:30pmSilver and Forest Green
3pmTeal and Maroon
November 13 9amKelly Green and Teal
10:30amYellow and Royal Blue
12noonRed and Maroon
1:30pmForest Green and Purple
3pmSilver and Neon