Takoma Soccer Coed-3 Schedule, Spring 2018

All games are on Saturdays at Belle Ziegler Park, corner of Albany and Takoma Avenues, near Montgomery College, in Takoma Park.

Updated May 6, 2018

DateTimeHome vs Away
March 17 9:30Purple vs Maroon
11:00Silver vs Royal Blue
12:30Lime Green vs Black
2:00Orange vs Yellow
March 24 9:30Lime Green vs Purple
11:00Silver vs Orange
12:30Black vs Yellow
2:00Maroon vs Royal Blue
March 31NO Games - Easter
April 7 9:30Silver vs Maroon
11:00Purple vs Royal Blue
12:30Yellow vs Lime
2:00Black vs Orange
April 14 9:30Lime Green vs Silver
11:00Royal Blue vs Black
12:30Maroon vs Yellow
2:00Purple vs Orange
April 21 9:30Purple vs Silver
11:00Yellow vs Royal Blue
12:30Maroon vs Black
2:00Orange vs Lime Green
April 28 9:30Orange vs Maroon
11:00Lime Green vs Royal Blue
12:30Purple vs Black
2:00Silver vs Yellow
May 5 9:30Purple vs Yellow
11:00Orange vs Royal Blue
12:30Maroon vs Lime
2:00Silver vs Black
May 12 9:30Orange vs Yellow
11:00Purple vs Maroon
12:30Lime Green vs Black
2:00Silver vs Royal Blue